Elizabeth Whited is remarkable,she represented me as a court appointed attorney. I was facing serious charges facing 20+ years behind bars. She worked diligently truly on my be half. I am free of all charges today!Due the facts. She firmly believes every person deserves Justice.


It was frightening at first when I got in trouble with the Law because of a DWI. I knew I needed a lawyer but I didn’t know who to turn to but if found Mrs. Elizabeth and she did a fantastic job! Not only was she really good at dismissing my case she was very kind to me, I’d recommend her to anyone who’s in trouble like I was. Thank you very much Mrs. Elizabeth you’re expertise and sympathy has helped me so much! I will always remember your help in this life changing event, I am forever in your debt!

Arturo M.

I love the service of Ms. Elizabeth Whited she help me out with both my POM cases & had dismissed & didn't have to show up to court to get them dismissed she really help me out by not having to miss so many days at work!

- Jesus M. of Georgetown, Texas

I had a solid open and shut case, so I thought. I was strongly urged to get counsel for vet court (which is for guilty Veterans, not innocent ones). I attempted to handle my case completely on my own since I knew I was innocent and had every piece of evidence to prove it which included statements from the defendant saying such. What was a simple misunderstanding quickly escalated to 2 nights in jail and facing Class A Misdemeanor charges. As I continued to show and prove my case I was quickly feeling like no one was listening and I was going to get pushed through the system as a criminal. No one would listen or cared to hear the truth. I finally found Ms. Whited who quickly assured me my voice would be heard. She said she supported Veterans and after speaking with her the first time she put all my doubts at ease and I knew she was going to fight for me. My simple case that has spiraled out of control quickly came to a peaceful stop when she got involved. Next thing I knew she called me telling me the good news that my case was heard and everyone agreed that my case was dismissed. The sad truth is that no matter how innocent you are, you have to have someone to get your voice heard. She did that and at a very aggressive pace and very affordable. Certainly worth the affordable price. I’m an Iraq vet: Sadr City Iraq, 04-05. 04-04-04 and I guarantee you are in good hands.

- Coy S. of Cedar Park, Texas

I want to take this time to personally thank you and your staff for providing my son and my family all the professionalism and courtesy provided throughout this ordeal. I will forever be in your debt

- S.G.

I really appreciate your help in dismissing my case. I have since been able to stay out of the criminal justice system. My case was a wake-up call to change my life, and it have. I am urging those who are facing criminal charges to look to the very experienced and skillful Attorney Whited to get the best possible outcome.

Brian Y.

Elizabeth is WONDERFUL. Thorough, helpful, and knowledgeable. Our case had some bits and pieces of complications and she worked through each thing. When she said it would be taken care of, it was done.

Brianna L.

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