Juvenile Misdemeanor and Felony Defense Attorney in Round Rock, TX

Don't let a mistake they made today damage their future

When juvenile court decides deferred prosecution or a warning isn't sufficient punishment for your child's crime, it's time to hire The Law Office of Elizabeth D. Whited. The judicial system takes into account a variety of factors in your child's case, including the seriousness of the crime and:

  • Their criminal record
  • Previous rehabilitation attempts
  • The likelihood that future rehabilitation attempts will be unsuccessful

As a practiced juvenile felony and misdemeanor defense attorney, I know this case affects your entire family. That's why I've made it my goal to provide a helping hand when you feel like you and your child are in a hopeless situation.

Don't leave your child's future up to chance - call 512-956-6622 for a case evaluation.

Working hard to make sure your child is properly protected

Children can be charged as adults in Texas, and a 1st-degree juvenile felony carries a sentence of up to 40 years in custody. Make sure you've given your child a fighting chance in the courtroom by hiring The Law Office of Elizabeth D. Whited. In addition to juvenile misdemeanors and felonies, I represent clients facing adult misdemeanor and felony cases, and also file appeals and writs.

Schedule a consultation in Round Rock about your child's juvenile charge as soon as possible.