Have you received a call from a police officer? Did they tell you "We just need a few minutes of your time, we have a couple questions for you?"

Make an informed decision. Speak with a lawyer before you agree.

Receiving a call from a police officer for questioning, a polygraph test, interrogation and/or investigation can be scary. Your first step after this request should be calling a lawyer to discuss your rights and the situation.
If you find yourself, or a loved one, in this situation always remember:

  • Be respectful
  • You are most likely being recorded. This is legal and they do not have to tell you they are recording you.
  • Call a lawyer immediately after you receive the call from the police
  • Remember you have the right to remain silent- anything you say in these situations can, and will, be used against you in court
  • You have the right to have an attorney present during this questioning.

Our attorney is here to help. Elizabeth D. Whited will listen to your situation and help you make an informed decision. She will explain the investigative process and offer advice specific for your case. She is also available to go with you to the police station.

Police officers are trained for interrogations and have techniques that can easily confuse an innocent person. More than that, it's a scary and stressful situation. Having an extra set of ears, that is experienced in these situations, can help answer questions and bring up points you might forget. Every little thing can make a big difference on the outcome.

Another benefit from representation is having a liaison between you and the police. Getting calls from the police station at home and at work can be stressful and embarrassing. When you hire a lawyer, they will handle these calls for you.

We have years of representing clients under investigation. In some instances, we agree to go in for questioning and in other situations we respectfully decline Each person and case are unique.

Before you meet with a police officer, call an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help guide you to the right choice for you. We offer free consults and are based in Round Rock, Texas.