Appeals and writs from a skilled Round Rock, TX attorney

After the gavel falls, your case might not be over

You went through the entire trial, presented your case to the jury and were found guilty. Unfortunately, not every case ends with the hoped-for outcome. When things don't go your way, you'll still have a fighting chance at retaining your rights by hiring The Law Office of Elizabeth D. Whited to file an appeal or writ on your behalf.

Although appeals and writs are similar, there are specific differences. After you've been charged and sentenced, an appeal is a request for the appellate court to review and amend a lower court's decision.

An appeal can be filed to ask the courts to overturn a decision based on a specific error, or to reconsider the underlying conviction as a whole.

A writ is filed as a last resort when all appeals have been exhausted and typically deals with a specific mistake made by the court.

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The last thing you want to do is enter the courtroom unprepared and walk away with a misdemeanor or criminal conviction on your record. I have the experience needed to give you the best chance at getting your charges reduced or dropped.

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