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Do you know the implications of your charge?

No matter what crime you are convicted of, felony and misdemeanor charges carry harsh penalties that you'll have to deal with long after your case has been adjudicated. Whether you were arrested for making terroristic threats or charged with aggravated sexual assault, you'll have the best chance at protecting your rights if you choose The Law Office of Elizabeth D. Whited.

I'll look at every angle of your case to build a credible defense with the goal of getting your charges reduced or dropped. I'll determine whether or not law enforcement acted appropriately and look for other factors that might lend themselves to your defense.

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Know what to expect so you can make sound legal decisions

Unless you're aware of every consequence pertaining to your criminal charge, you could easily make a choice now that will cause you trouble in the future. Being convicted of a felony in Texas strips you of your right to:

  • Vote
  • Own a firearm
  • Apply for certain state occupational licenses

Trust The Law Office of Elizabeth D. Whited in Round Rock to make sure you're fully informed throughout the case. Besides adult misdemeanor and felony defense, I also help juveniles navigate their felony or misdemeanor charges.

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