Juvenile Misdemeanors & Felonies

Your child made a mistake. But that doesn't mean they should be subjected to harsh consequences that could follow them for the rest of their life.

Juvenile Misdemeanors & Felonies

Adult Misdemeanors & Felonies

Protect your best interests throughout your misdemeanor or felony case with The Law Office of Elizabeth D. Whited by your side.

Adult Misdemeanors & Felonies

Appeals & Writs

Whited will fight for your rights when the judicial system fails to protect them, by filling appropriate appeals and writs.

Appeals & Writs

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Don't put your rights, or the rights of your child, on the line by trying to manage your own case. Schedule a consultation immediately.

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You Don't Have to Face Your Felony or Misdemeanor Charge Alone

Hire a qualified Round Rock, TX criminal attorney for help

Has your child been charged with truancy? Are you set to go on trial for capital murder? If you or your child is appearing before the court on a felony or misdemeanor case, hire The Law Office of Elizabeth D. Whited for a capable defense. Our attorney is well versed in mental health and special needs cases as well.

As an effective criminal defense attorney based in Round Rock, I've helped numerous residents in Central Texas get the best outcome in court. Call 512-956-6622 right away for a consultation.

Your peace of mind throughout your case is my top priority

Whether you're a juvenile or an adult, felony and misdemeanor charges carry severe penalties that could stay with you for the rest of your life. Without an effective attorney by your side, you could be facing:
  • Lengthy jail time
  • Heavy fines
  • Revocation of your civil rights

Whether you were charged with felony aggravated assault or your child was charged with juvenile shoplifting, you'll get the compassionate help you need from The Law Office of Elizabeth D. Whited in Round Rock.

I'll analyze every aspect of your case to build an effective defense. Then, I'll walk you through the legal process so you can enter the courtroom with confidence.

Get a detailed evaluation of your case by calling now.

Choose a criminal attorney who puts your needs first

Because I can draw on extensive experience handling juvenile felonies and misdemeanors, I know first-hand how devastating the ramifications of a conviction can be. I understand that, as their parent, you feel helpless at the prospect of a legal proceeding against your child.

My goal is to help you and your loved one feel well served and confident before going to trial.

Make The Law Office of Elizabeth D. Whited in Round Rock your firm of choice for the best legal representation. Call 512-956-6622 to schedule a consultation.

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